Are rat gates for water pipes effective in stopping rats from entering our drainage system?

Are rat gates for water pipes effective in stopping rats from entering our drainage system

What are rat gates?

The rat gates are rat barriers that prevent the rat from entering houses and buildings. The device has a simple yet effective design. The rat gate for water pipes has non-return valves that block the rat from returning to the property. It also prevents rat entry from the drainage. It can be easily fitted into the present pipework. Its simple design allows it to fit from both below and above the ground. The valves of the rat gates minimise the risk of rat infiltration from the draining system because the cap of the rat gate only moves with the outgoing waste. Thus, it prevents rats from re-entering your home.

Are rat gates for water pipes the same as rat blockers?

The function of the rat gate for water pipes is similar to the rat blocker for the drains. This device opens in the direction of the drainage flow. It allows water and waste to pass through the rat gate effortlessly but does not let the rats push against it and enter the property. Rat gates are a humane method of rodent prevention that does not harm or kill the rats.

How do rat gates work?

The rats prefer to dwell in the sewer system because it provides them with all necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Along with these luxuries, rats also have access to passages to enter people’s property. Rats often attempt to infiltrate people’s property to seek warmth. Once they locate their comfort place, it is hard to get rid of them, because of their exceptional tracing ability. But, you can stop their entry just by bringing rat gates to your home.

This first step to removing rats from your sewage system is to install the rat gate at the entry point at the drain. By installing the rat gate for water pipes you block the rat from further entering toilets, sinks, and other passages.

Can rat gates for water pipes stop rats efficiently?

Rat gates for water pipes are an efficient way to stop rats. It helps prevent all kinds of rodent and vermin entry. By installing the rat gate for water pipes, your house and property become safe from diseases and the havoc they cause. It just simply blocks the pathway for the rat to re-enter. Be carefree because this rat gate would not affect the functionality of your sewer system. Thus, you will have a free flow of liquid wastage without worrying about rat infiltration.

How to install rat gates?

  1. Installing a rat gate at your home or property is an easy task. There are two factors to consider before installing the rat gate. The first is to install the rat gate in the right drain with the correct flow direction.
  2. Find the nearest entry of your property or any minor collapse. Install the rat gate at that entry point or between that collapsed drain.
  3. Make sure that the rat gate is faced downstream. If required, swap the bolt over to the correct position. A user has to beware of the rat gate position because if installed in the wrong direction, the entire drain line will be blocked.
  4. Fit the rat gate into the pipeline but make sure that the flaps of the rat gate are working. Also, be cautious with your finger while examining the rat gate.
  5. Some people suggest using an installation pole for installing the rat gate, but most users prefer manually.


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