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107, 2021

Dispel Myths About Rats and rodent infestation | Ratblocker

Rat Prevention Tips DISPEL MYTHS ABOUT RATS AND RODENT INFESTATION RAT BLOCKER Rats are everywhere. Being abundant in population, they are one of the least killed pests. One of the reasons that rat infestations have gone beyond control could be the myths associated with rats. [...]

2705, 2021

Do Rats Come into your houses in Summer? Rodent infestation Seasons

DO RATS COME INTO YOUR HOUSES IN SUMMER? RODENT INFESTATION SEASONS There is a lot of confusion among people about rodent infestation seasons.  Can rat infestation happen only in winter? Do rats come into your houses in Summer? Can rodent infestations clear up on their own in [...]

2702, 2021

Types of Rodents | Rodents Facts | Rodent Infestation and Control

TYPES OF RODENTS | RODENTS FACTS | RODENT INFESTATION AND CONTROL The world is filled with various species of rodents. These tiny critters can become pests, invading our homes and properties. Rodents mostly dwell near humans as they get their necessities such as food, shelter and water [...]


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