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2702, 2021

Types of Rodents | Rodents Facts | Rodent Infestation and Control

TYPES OF RODENTS | RODENTS FACTS | RODENT INFESTATION AND CONTROL The world is filled with various species of rodents. These tiny critters can become pests, invading our homes and properties. Rodents mostly dwell near humans as they get their necessities such as food, shelter and water [...]

2212, 2020

This Christmas Don’t Let Rats and Mice Have All The Joy at Your Home | Rat Prevention Tips

THE CHRISTMAS DON'T LET RATS & MICE HAVE ALL THE JOY AT YOUR HOME Christmas season is coming! Soon we'll be busy planning our holidays and decorating our homes.  Some of us love to keep our homes organised and clean from top to bottom. A few others [...]


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