Can Rats Climb Inside Drain Pipes?


During the Victorian era, the first decent sewer/drainage structure was born. Though being made in such a historical era, it is adapted even now. We are thankful for this system in many ways, as it systematically manages our wastewaters. But sadly, our sewer system abodes millions of rats. So here lies the question:

Can Rats Climb Inside Drain Pipes?

Can they enter our home through the sewer system?

Unfortunately, yes. They can live in your drains for the rest of their lives if you don’t do something about it.

There are various reasons why our drains are plagued with sewer rats. Remember all the food debris that we used to wash off our plate, and some go down the drain. All the delicious grime that we wash away from our body goes down the drain too. Imagine the party that pests will have to celebrate off with all these dirty food resources.

The London surface water is pretty much connected with the city sewer too, so expect worms, rats, and spiders in drainage structures. Third, the environment that our city and structure’s sewer have is conducive for rodent-living. 

Also, another important factor for rats is the presence of water. Rats like the dampness of water. They like their water-like environment at room temperature. In some cold European parts, rats enjoy the heat from the water that households generate. They’re good swimmers too and actually swim for half a mile. Rats can also hold their breath underwater for up to 3 minutes.

Sewers are pitch black, but this is how rats like it. Their vision is secondary despite their superior sense of smell and touch. In addition to that, rats like small spaces and pipes give them that closed-are feel. Crawling up and down structural pipes feels familiar and homely to them.

So far, rats have nothing to worry about predators living in sewers except snakes, occasionally. The closed space of pipes is great for the rat’s breeding season since it fastens their search for a mate.

Can Rats Climb Inside Drain Pipes

What are the cons of living off the pipes from a rat’s perspective?

Sewers lack suitable nesting and resting places because the water levels there aren’t constant. The rising and falling water levels is a challenge for a breeding family of rats because their young could easily get swept away by strong currents.

Rats do sleep, and their female counterparts need to protect the young, too from predators such as snakes. To have a comfortable bedding space, they would want to access the house’s roofing and walls through the drain. If they do access the drains, the rats in drains will go back to the sewer for food and more water. 

While rats are in your building, they’ll content themselves in chewing off your curtains, wall, furniture, shoes, clothes, and more. They can’t help themselves from chewing things; chewing is their second nature.

If you are wondering how to get rid of rats from your drains, then there are various ways of preventing. But the most effective ones are trapping/blocking methods like rat blockers.

We hope this explains your question on “Can Rats Climb Inside Drain Pipes?” Read more about the nature of sewer rats here.


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