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Every year thousands of hotels, restaurants, canteens and cafés are closed due to rat problems resulting in loss of money and reputation. This could be avoided by installing a Rat Blocker and furthermore rats are a source of water contamination and spread diseases. This is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of preventing rat attacks which in 95% of cases originate from the sewers. This is also a way of reducing the use of poison which according to a UK study 75% of rats are now resistant to.

Rat blocking solutions

  • No use of rat poison
  • No need for traps
  • No death or injury to animals

Fits Sewage Pipes from Diameters from 100mm to 250mm

“flow-through Area”

Suitable for Plastic and Concrete Pipes

Made of Acid Proof Laser Cut Stainless Steel

Fits all Plastic, Clay and Concrete Pipes

Easy Installation with Operating Handle


From Rat Blockers Users

We are satisfied with RatBlockers. They were very professional and problem solved. We are pleased with Ratblockers and it’s team. Thank you.

- Mr Norton TW12

I am facing rat issues in our kitchen backyard and garden. Thanks to the RatBlockers they’ve come and installed their product. And now, A few weeks later, we haven’t had a single rat issue. Highly recommended!!

- Mrs Singh SM1

Just installed a rat blocker in my drain system. The team were extremely informative and helpful. I am happy with the results and how professional they were.

- Francis NW3

My husband found them on the web and then we got them out to take a look at our drainage system. Once I looked at the CCTV recording then I knew where the problem was. Problem solved on the same day. Thanks very much!

- Mrs O’Leary


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