How do Rat Flaps Work to Prevent Rats from Entering Your Home?


Do rat flaps work

Want a permanent rat-removal method that is eco-friendly, human and actually works?

Rat flap a.k.a rat stopper or rat blocker for drains is what you need.

Though known by various names, all serve one purpose i.e. to prevent rats from entering your home.

In this blog, we will learn how do rat flaps work, installation and a few tips to rat-proof your house.

do rat flaps work

Do Rat Flaps Work?

To answer this let’s first help you with some facts about how rats enter your home. Rats need water and food to survive. Well, basically all living beings do, right? But rats need these in small portions all the time. 

Rats can find all their basic necessities in our sewer systems. Food, water and shelter all in a single place. Once they find this comfort, they begin to grow in large numbers. Rats are extremely secretive in nature. But if they become visible to homeowners, consider that a large pack of rats is already in close proximity most probably, in their drains.

It is totally possible to remove drain rats from your sewer system. Act at their entry point by installing rat flaps for drains. By rat flap installation, you block drain rats by going further into your toilets or sink to your home. Rat flaps ensure the rats that are already in your house or drain leaves but never enter from outside again.

Stay assured that these rat flaps are meant to only block the rats not sewer waste. Rat flaps come with a non-return valve that allows free flow of waste and water from the inside, so you don’t have to worry about any blockage.

How to Install a Rat Flap? 

Now that you understand how do rat flaps work, let’s dig deeper into the rat flap installation.

Installing rat flaps is really easy. Simply follow these steps for a successfully insertion into your drain system:

  1. Find the inspection chamber (as seen in the picture below). You can locate them using your drainage layout.
  2. Screw the installation pole onto the thread in the rat flap by slightly squeezing across the diameter.
  3. With the help of an installation pole, insert the rat flap by lowering it into the drain opening.
  4. Next, unscrew and remove the installation pole from the rat flap.
  5. Test the rat flap by flushing your toilet a few times.
do rat flaps work

Rat flaps are mostly made of stainless steel and come in two sizes.: 4 inch and 6 inch. Make sure to choose the right size as per your drain pipe

Advantage of using a rat flap for your drains

  • Block drain rats at their entry point.
  • Effortless and effective rodent proofing method.
  • Stop the access without digging or breaking the drain.
  • No more frequent and pointless laying and checking of rat traps
  • No more use of poisons.
  • Requires occasional checks and maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly and humane.
do rat flaps work

Things you must do to rat-proof your house

Insertion of rat flap becomes the best prevention method only if you take certain other steps as well. Such as:

  • Make sure your house and premises are free from holes, cracks and gaps.
  • Cover the garbage bins.
  • Don’t leave the leftover pet food outside.
  • Your attics and basement should be kept dry and moisture-free.
  • Keep your premises clutter-free.
  • Check your drain for cracks and nests.

If you find persistent rat issues, then it is always best to take matter into professional hands.

do rat flaps work

RatBlockers- Rat Flap Products

Our rat flaps for drains have worked for numerous homeowners in the UK and across the globe, who were troubled by rat infestation. By successfully denying their entry at drains, our rat flaps or rat blockers have proved to be one of best, affordable, humane and eco-friendly solutions to rat problems.

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