Do rats bite humans when they are asleep?

Do rats bite humans when they are asleep?

There are not many cases of rat bites, but a few cases are reported to the regional authority. Although there is no peculiarity about the victims, most are defenceless children. And the majority of the time, rats bite at night, being nocturnal animals. Therefore, it attacks exposed skin while the victim is sleeping. Remember that most rats usually do not bite or harm humans; they do it mostly when they feel threatened or hungry.
Often the rat bites are mild and need attention for a short period, like cleaning the wound and applying a bandage. Only 2% of rat bites are critical, where the rat transmits diseases like leptospirosis. Many of the victims also reported rat-bite fever. Maybe the statistic for rat-bite victims is low because most of them don’t report it

What to do if a rat harms you?

If the rat bit or scratched you, wash the wound with soap immediately. If you develop any symptoms of Rat-Bite-Fever, contact your doctor or reach them as soon as possible. RBF can put your health in critical condition if not diagnosed early.

What can be done to avoid this situation?

Start with the prevention method. Make your house unreachable for rat infestation. The following are the things you should do. –

  • Complete disposal of your waste. Trash cans and dustbins should always be sealed.
  • Keep your food in an air-tight container so rats cannot access your food.
  • Block all the potential entry of your houses. Fix the holes and cracks to keep them out.
  • Inspect your drainage system and basements because they like dark, isolated places.

How do rats enter your property?

Rats are very opportunistic animals. Thus they always work to find the perfect shelter. Your house can have many entry points; search for the below entry points to repel rats-

  • Open doors and windows
  • Gaps below the doors and around windows
  • Tiny holes in your house for electrical wires
  • Holes left open by water supply pipes
  • Fragile drainage system
  • Cracks on the roof
  • Unrestricted opening in the air vents

Why do rats dwell in our drainage system?

The drainage system carries all food that is washed off your plate. It does not carry only yours but all your neighbours, thus providing plenty of food for the rats. Not only this, but the drainage system also consists of flushed warm water from your bathroom. Along with this, there are also various types of insects in the drainage system: spiders and worms, rats being omnivores, also feed on them. Drainage is meant as heaven for rats, where they have proper food and shelter.

Water is also important because they are great swimmers who can catch prey and travel long distances. The drainage is dark and isolated, favouring the rats because they rely on their sense of smell and don’t like company.

How can you avoid rat entry via the drainage system ?

Largely the rat infestation occurs through the drainage system. Your focus should be on the possible ways to remove these rats infiltrating through it. Block their entry point by installing rat flaps or rat blockers. These revolutionary products will stop rats from entering your toilets or wash basin sinks.
Need to know more about ratblockers for drain? Check out the blog sections for more info.


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