Rodent Proofing Method – Get Rid of Rats


A comprehensive rodent proofing construction includes rat blockers, electrical cables, drains, conduits, and other equipment to get rid of rats in drains. In addition to rodent-proofing devices, one should also consider reducing the source of water, food, and shelter. 

What can Sewer rats do?

How to get rid of rats?

To help us eliminate drain rats, one should know their physical capabilities in an attempt to infiltrate drains. In general, sewer rats can access drains due to their following capabilities:

  1. Drain rats can climb cables, ropes, greeneries, and more that help them get inside buildings.
  2. They can run and climb in almost horizontal or vertical structures.
  3. Sewer rats easily squeeze their bodies to pipes, augers, conveyors, and conduit.
  4. They can chew through various materials such as aluminum sheeting, wood, rubber, vinyl, plastic, and concrete block.
Get Rid of Rats

Get Rid of Rats from Your Drainage System

Drain rats usually enter the household and commercial structure through the drainage system. To prevent these pests from entering your drains, fasten metal grates to your floor drains. Grate openings should only be ¼ inch across or less and made from 19-gauge wire. 

Those building or household structures with septic tanks or drainfield systems should call a specialist in the onsite industry. These specialists would usually install a discharge pipe to a residential lagoon underwater. They’ll also secure holes in septic tanks to avoid rat entry.

In buildings with a manure management system, extend your discharging pipes to a bank or lagoon to prevent rats from accessing your open end. Put some rat shields or a downward-turned elbow.

For further security, put a floating metal cover at the open end of your discharge pipe. That floating metal cover should have a hinge so that water could easily go out, but the elements outside like rats can’t easily go in. This method is similar to the mechanism of the rat blocker.

The rat blocker for drains is installed near the open end of the pipes. Rat blockers, in default, are shut tight, they’re only open when water and other pipe contents need to get away from the building structure.

Another tip to get rid of rats is to pump-out ports on storage pits when it isn’t operational. Please don’t leave them open, or else rats could easily go in.


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