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How do rat blockers work

Rats in drain- A common problem in the UK households

Households in the UK have been troubled by rats for ages. Though many of us have tried various methods to get rid of them, the best and most effective measure is prevention. Rats can easily enter your abode through the drainage system. Drains attract them for various reasons. Being an excellent source for food and water, they get easily attracted to enter from the cracks or holes as small as the size of a nickel in the drainage system. After which they successfully make their way into our houses.

Rats upon entering our homes can disrupt our entire peaceful life. From damaging the electric wires to contaminating foods, rats can surely give you many sleepless nights. Thanks to our environmentally friendly and reliable ratblockers, simply by installing them you can effortlessly stop rats from creating havoc at your home.

In this article, we will tell you how rat blockers can save you and your house from the losses caused by rats.

How do Rat Blockers Work?

Our rat blockers/ rat flaps/ vermin stopper is known by many names but does an excellent job of stopping rodents from your home through the drains. These ratblockers have a simple design that comprises a non-return valve and can be fitted in both clay and plastic pipes. The non-return valve will allow the free flow of water and waste while stopping the rats from entering inside. So you do not have to worry about any blockage being developed. 

Another thing to note is that rats that have already entered your home or building can also easily go out of the drain but never return again. Our ratblockers are made from galvanized steel thus proving to be gnaw and rust-resistant.

Installation of rat blockers is not a big deal. We provide an easy to follow instruction manual that lets you install the ratblockers without any hassle. Rat blockers can be installed at the key points of your drainage system most preferably on the main drain line.

How do rat blockers work
How do rat blockers work

Why can rat poisons be a bad idea to get rid of rats?

Most of us prefer using rat poison or rat traps. Firstly because it’s popularly used. Second because we think killing is the best way to get rid of the rats. 

Rat traps need a lot of patience and luck. Location, use of proper bait and rats being extremely intelligent could be some of the reasons why rat traps can be ineffective. Also, it is not a permanent solution to ensure rats never enter your home again.

Using rodenticide can cause extreme pain to the rats. And it can also pose a threat to kids and pets around. 

Did you know that rat infestation can worsen your rat problem? Know more about why you must never use rat poison? here.

An environmentally friendly and permanent solution to your rat problem is only a click away

Rat blocker for drains is revolutionary rat stoppers a.k.a rat flap for drains that can be installed inside the drainage system to block their entry. Features of Our Rat Blockers for Drain:

  • Innovative design
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally-friendly
How do rat blockers work

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How do rat blockers work

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