How to Eliminate a Dead Rat’s Odour


Rats give disease, eat our food, scurry in toilets, infests, and smell horrible when they’re somewhere decomposing. Until you chanced upon the rat’s decomposing body, your family will endure weeks of the horrible smell. 

What’s the accurate description of a rat’s decomposing body? There are no words to describe it, but to give you a picture, here it is. The odour is a horrible, putrid smell that mixes with the various gases that a decomposing body of any kind has. It literally smells like death mixed with garbage and feces.

Rats are larger than mice, so their body decomposes slower than the latter. Not to mention, the rats give off a more pronounced decaying smell. Take note, though, that rats and mice aren’t necessarily the only culprit of that “decaying smell.” Sometimes, squirrels or opossums can also decompose somewhere inside the house.

No one can tell when the decaying smell would go away. In an estimate, a rat’s decomposing body could take weeks before it would totally dry out. Once it dries, the decaying smell would eventually subside. Your house’s and your environment’s humidity strengthens the decaying odour. So, if rats in drains die in a warm sewer, near steam pipes, a car’s engine, or any other moist areas in the house, the stench dies out for a long time.

How to get rid of the smell

1. Locate the body

As soon as you smell the rotting body, find the trail of flies, maggots, beetles, and other insects that like carcasses. If a group of flies seems to hover over a wall or floor, inspect the area. The decaying body of the rat would also give off some fluids, so look for stains in the sheets, tiles, and so on.

2. Take out the body

Once you spot the body, remove it out of the room and ventilate the area immediately. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to spot a rat’s dead body as they typically lurk on small, hidden, and dark spaces.

In removing the body, seal it inside a plastic bag and dispose of it immediately. Use hand gloves if available, and don’t forget to wash your hands afterward. Clean the area where the body was with bleach and water. Brush thoroughly until all the bodily residue and fluids are removed.

Sometimes, you would need to cut through floors, walls, carpets, and tiles in order to get the body. Other owners would just then give up and leave the body as it is, then, they would just spray odor-neutralizing chemicals or deodorants in the hopes of masking the smell until the decaying body dries. The “leaving as it is” method could work, but you still need to ventilate the area to let the odour out and to let the deodorizing aerosols go to the area where the body is.

3. Locate the breeding ground of the rats and adopt preventive measure

The last thing to do is to locate where the rat’s colonies are hiding and eliminate them properly. Once you’ve eliminated their colony, prevent them from accessing your house again by installing rat blockers on your open-ended pipes.


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