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common rodent entry points

Did you know that a few of the major plagues in the history of the world happened due to rats?

Rodents have always existed alongside humans as they can get easy access to food and shelter.  These critters not only cause damage to our property but also carry disease-causing vectors such as fleas and ticks. 

Home and business owners face huge trouble every year due to rodent infestation. Rodents have a hidden ability to sneak into our property through the tiniest hole. Most people stay unaware of the infestation at their own property until they see certain obvious signs such as droppings, cut electrical wires, etc. By then taking steps to control infestation can be too late or difficult. So it’s always important to practise preventative measures to stop rodents from entering your home or property.

So what is a sure shot way to prevent rodent entry?

“ Find their entry point and seal or fix it”

Undoubtedly, this is the best way to get rid of rat infestation is to stop them at the entry. So here are some of the possible entry points listed below that will help you understand how they get into a building.

Identify the common rodent entry points

Air vents

Air vents are a common and easy rat entry point. In old homes, air vents have large gaps making it easy for rodents to enter your property. While modern homes these days have air vents made of plastic, which can never stop rats from entering through them as they have sharp teeth to chew their way through.

common rodent entry points
common rodent entry points

Cracks in walls

Walls are the favourite nesting spots of rats. Small holes in the wall can be a potential entry point for rodents. With their strong teeth, they can gnaw on the hardest materials that you can’t even imagine. If you find rats squeaking in your walls, then wait no more and call a pest control company asap.

Opening on the attic

Rats can chew the tiniest holes in your soffit and make their way into the attic. Once entering the attic, they can cause disastrous damage to your electric wires and cables.

common rodent entry points
common rodent entry points


Chimney can be a target for the rats to enter as it gets easy access to food and warmth. By installing a chimney grate or cap you can block their entry easily.


Those homeowners who grow climbers or plants create a great route for the rats to enter. Through the foliage on the building, they make their way into the gutter, then the roof space and finally into your house. So it is always recommended to trim these climbers or plants, so they stay a few inches lower from the roof. Similarly, if there are any tree limbs extending to the parts of your home, then trim them as well.

common rodent entry points
common rodent entry points

Drainage system

Rats can easily hold their breath. swim up the drain and enter your home through toilets or sinks. It is important to seal the pipes with rat blocker for drains. This revolutionary device blocks rodents that try to enter your home through the drainage system.

Doors and windows

Look under and around the windows and doors of your entire home or building including your garage and basement. If you see a gap of more than ¼ inch, then it needs to be fixed as rats can easily slip into your property through them. 

common rodent entry points

RatBlockers- Best Prevention for Rodent entry through drains

common rodent entry points

As said above, rodents can easily make their way through the drainage system. Hence finding a solution to prevent their entry through the drainage system becomes inevitable. Rat blocker for drains is revolutionary rat stoppers a.k.a rat flap for drains that can be installed inside the drainage system to block their entry. This is an eco-friendly and humane rat removal method that ensures no rodents enter your drains as well the rats that are already in your home can easily leave and never return. Our ratblockers are designed to allow the free flow of waste and water from the inside. Hence, you do not have to worry about any blockages.

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