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prevent rats from coming up the toilet

What do you do when your worst nightmare becomes a reality? Squirmy rat doing laps in your toilet bowl!

Nobody wants this to happen. But in reality, we never bother to take any precautionary measures to prevent rats from coming up the toilet, until we are in trouble.  This problem is absolutely preventable. With some simple steps, you can certainly remove the signs of rats infestation from your drains.

In this article, we will discuss the ways to prevent rats from entering your house through your sewage system.

Can rats come up your toilet?

Did you know that most of the rat infestation happens through the drainage system?

Yes. Rats are amazing swimmers. They are secretive and have the capability to squeeze their whole body through the smallest cracks. This is the same manner how sewer rats or drain rats enter the sewage system. 

Rats find the tiniest crack in your plumbing system and make their way into the drain pipes. Our sewage system is something that we ignore until blocks, overflowing or smell issues bothers us. But by preventive maintenance of your drainage system, these problems, as well as rat infestation, can be blocked. We will discuss this further in the article.

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What should you do if you find a rat in your toilet bowl?

Rat in your toilet bowl, this unpleasant experience can happen to you if you do not act on time. But before we help you with some tips on ways to prevent rats from coming up the toilet, it’s important that you know what you must do if this unfortunate event happens to you.

The first thought that may come to your mind is to flush that creepy creature down. But this won’t help you get rid of the rat forever because it would be probably somewhere in your drainage system. So, flushing the rat can only probably be a temporary solution to use the toilet again. 

Some may say to pour a cup of bleach into the toilet bowl and then close the lid tightly so that no air from the inside comes out. This will cause the rat to die out of asphyxiation in a mere 15 minutes. This is an inhuman way, so we certainly do not recommend it.

So what are the humane rat removal methods? Let us help with a solid prevention method that will stop rats from coming up the toilet.

How to prevent rats from coming up the toilet?

If you see a rat in your toilet bowl, then it is due to the fact that it has made its entry into your drains. So your major aim must be to find a way to block its entry. An easier and effective way to do that is by installing a rat blocker for drains.

Rat blockers work by blocking the rats from entering into the drain pipes while also letting those rats who entered to go out easily. You can easily install the rat blockers into your drains. Buy rat blockers for drains online.

Advantages of using rat blockers for your drains

  • Permanent rat prevention method
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Gnaw-resistant
  • Less maintenance
  • Humane and eco-friendly

So, if you somehow manage to get rid of the rat in the toilet bowl this time, then it’s high time that you get your drain checked with the help of professionals or simply install a rat blocker. Act before it’s too late.

Rat Blockers- Stop the rats right at their entry

Our revolutionary rat blockers for drains are being used by customers all across the world. Rat blockers should be installed at the open end of the sewage pipes. Due to its one-way valve, it opens only for water and other waste fluid. Buy rat flaps or rat blockers that have proved to be one of the best, affordable, humane and eco-friendly solutions to rat problems.

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prevent rats from coming up the toilet


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