How to solve rat problem? DIY Rodent Control Methods

How To Solve Rat Problem?| DIY Rodent Control Methods

How to solve the rat problem

DIYs are a rage these days. But are they effective for rodent control? Yes of course but only if you take time and do it efficiently. In this blog, we will tell you some of the effective methods on how to solve rat problem. We will also discuss when DIY methods don’t work and how to get over it.

The most common DIY methods used to control rodent problems

How to solve the rat problem

Using rat stoppers/ rat blocker

Most of the rat infestation in the UK happens through the sewage system. It is possible to remove drain rats from your sewer system. Act at their entry point by installing rat flaps for drains. By rat flap installation, you block drain rats by going further into your toilets or sink to your home. Rat flaps ensure the rats that are already in your house or drain leaves but never enter from outside again.

Installing Rat traps

Snap traps are the best way to trap the present infestation. Keep snap traps in the areas where they frequent the most. Set more traps until you stop getting the signs of their infestation such as dropping, squeaking or scratching noises

How to solve the rat problem
How to solve the rat problem

Keeping pets

Having pets especially cats is a great way to keep these tiny critters away from your property. Cats love chasing rodents and will ensure they are never anywhere near your house. 

 Growing mint or peppermint plants on your property

Rats hate minty smells. They can’t stand the smell of mint or peppermint. Most homeowners find this method works great in chasing the rats away from their property.

How to solve the rat problem
How to solve the rat problem

Using Rat poison

People often use lethal methods such as rat poisons for their rodent problems. This should be the last resort. Using rodenticide can pose a serious threat to your kids and pets. Read more about it here humane rat removal method.

When do DIYs become less effective?

Any rat removal method can become high unsuccessful if you do find its exact entry point. Rats are really smart creatures. Once rats enter your property, without proper plan and skill it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Rats can squeeze their bodies into the smallest cracks and holes (as small as 1cm) to enter a house or building. It is really hard to lure them to new objects such as baits or traps as they are neophobic.

Always start your DIY methods after a few rat prevention strategies which not only can help you prevent your present rat problem but also from future rat infestations. Here’s what you must do:

  • Never flush food items.
  • Avoid cluttering.
  • Keep foodstuffs closed in tight lid containers.
  • Keeping the house and gardens clean.
  • Do not feed pets outside or leave food out all day.
  • Rubbish bins must be kept in tightly closed bins outside the house.
  • Do regular checks on your property and look for burrows, cracks or other openings. Seal them tight and close.

After taking these steps, your house should be a less attractive place for the rats. Now with those DIY methods, you should be able to get them out of your property without much hassle. But if you still do, then always approach a professional pest control company before it gets too late.

The best way to solve the rat problem is to block them at their entry- Install Rat Blocker for drains

One of the best preventive methods that work to get rid of rats from the drains is installing rat blockers. These are also called rat stoppers or rat flaps for drains that can be installed inside the drainage system to block their entry into it. Rat blockers support eco-friendly and humane rat removal methods.

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