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Rat problems can be a nuisance if not dealt well. They can cause destruction giving you sleepless nights. Once they infest your house, the next thing you want is a way to get rid of them. There are a lot of ways to do that.  People often use lethal methods such as rat poisons. These are extreme and inhuman methods of rat removal which can cause rats a painful death as well as dangerous to others around such as kids and pets. So, what are the humane rat removal methods? 

In this article, we will discuss the humane methods to get rid of rats. But before that let’s help you understand why you shouldn’t use rat poisons.

Never use rat poisons for your rat infestation

Using rodenticide can pose a serious threat to your kids and pets. Due to its attractive appearance, pets can think of it as their own food and eat them. The same can happen to small kids as well. Another major threat is to the wild animals such as owls,  bobcats and hawks, who feed on rodents and die out of secondary poisoning.  

Rat poisons can cause immense pain to rats which is not the best method to get rid of them. Furtherly, rats who feed on these rodenticides can die at unpredictable and inaccessible areas of your house such as between the walls. This can cause nasty smell and breeding zones for flies. Again a big mess!

Humane Rat Removal Methods

  • Find and block their entry

Look around your home and yard for holes and cracks. Make sure to seal them. Finding their entry point will block them from getting into your house. 

  • Make your house less attractive 

Keep your house and surroundings clutter-free. Let there be no food sources. Feed your pet inside and do not leave any food outside. Keep the garbage bin way outside your house and keep the bin lid closed tight. Make sure to keep your home and its surroundings clean.

  • Use natural rat eradicators

Having a cat or owls is another way to remove rats from your house and its premises. These are the natural predators of rats. Rats can sense the danger and keep themselves away.

  • Use a non-lethal rat trap

Buy humane rat traps that can be kept near the rat entry or on their travel path. These traps will catch the rat and later allow you to release them. Completely humane. Another type of trap that kills them almost instantly is the very old spring trap. The choice is yours.

  • Buy ultrasonic rat repellents

The ultrasonic waves emitted by these repellents are unbearable to rats, thus keeping them away from your premises. You can keep them in the areas where you saw some damage or believe to be their entry point. In only a few days, rats will relocate, making your home rodent-free.

Did you know the majority of the rats enter through your drainage system? Yes. Blocking them at their entry, i.e drains can prevent them from getting into your house. Install a rat blocker for drains which is a humane and eco-friendly method for rat removal. Not only does it block the rat entry but also allows the rat in your house to move out but never enter again. 

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Now, you know with these steps finding a humane and eco-friendly rat removal solution is possible. Are there any other humane rat removal methods that you use? Feel free to share them with us.

do rat flaps work

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