Can rats enter the drain pipes? Can they swim up into the toilet? Yes. Rats have unbelievable physical abilities. From squeezing their bodies into quarter-sized holes or to be able to swim three days straight, sewer rats have incredible survival skills that are near-mythical. If there occurs even a tiny crack in your drain pipes, then drain rats can easily enter and infest your home. With an unlimited supply of water and food, the drainage system becomes the best place for rats to survive and flourish.

Destructive things rats can do after entering your drainage system

Once rats enter your house, it can be a frightening experience. Being secretive, you are less likely to notice them. But the damages they create can be visible and also cost you a lot of money. If you spot one, then the infestation has grown beyond your control and only professional help can rescue you from the severe damages. Rat droppings, stale rat smell, scratching or squeaking sound, footprints, gnawed holes, burrows and rat nests are some of the peculiar signs of rat infestation to watch out for.

Rats can pretty much chew up anything. Electric wires, garage walls, garbage bags, food containers, or anything that comes on their way. Drain rats can also chew the drain pipes which can cause leakage and heavy damage to your drainage system. One of the other worst things that can happen is to find a squirmy rat doing laps in your toilet bowl.

So it’s highly important to undertake proper prevention methods to avoid rat infestation.



Majority of the rats enter a property through drains. Our sewer system usually remains ignored unless a blockage, leak or any other problem affects our day-to-day lives. This becomes the prime reason for rats to find their entry point from drains. But how to stop rats climbing drain pipes?

The best prevention method is to block the sewer rats right at their entry. This can be done by rat flap installation in your drains. Rat flap a.k.a rat blocker is a non-return valve that lets the free one-way flow of waste liquids but stops the rats from entering the drainage system. Another benefit of using rat flaps is that rats who are already inside can leave the drains due to its exceptional non-return valve. Once rats leave, they can never enter the drainpipe again.

With our years of expertise in pest control services, we came up with a revolutionary product that is easy to install and shows proven results of stopping rat entry in the drain.



Ratblockers are specially engineered rat barriers installed inside the drain pipes to stop rats from travelling inside the drains. Our rat flaps are meticulously designed to securely fit inside the drains and also ensure that it doesn’t get lost or block the natural drain flow. These drain rat flaps are a permanent rat prevention method that is cost-effective and requires less maintenance.

Features of RatBlockers

Off-beat design_icon

Off-beat design

Made from industrial grade material, our rat flap for drains exhibits an excellent design. You can choose the right rat flap size as per your drain pipe’s size. It can fit perfectly for drainage systems with diameters ranging from 100mm to 150mm. Being made from rust-free and gnaw-resistant steel, ratblockers can be found suitable for plastic, clay and concrete pipes.
Humane Rat Removal Method _icon

Humane Rat Removal Method

To get rid of rats most of the homeowners use rat poisons which are hazardous chemicals or anticoagulants that kill them slowly due to internal bleeding. This method of killing rats is inhumane and lethal. Not only do rat poisons cause an extremely painful death but also creates a great mess and dangerous effect on kids and pets. Our rat flaps are an eco-friendly and humane rat removal method that ensures rats stay away from your home or property without any risk to human or animal life.
Maintenance-free _icon


Ratblockers frees you from the burden of constant check on the rat traps or rat poisons. Once installed, you are done. These state-of-the-art rat guards for drains work on its own to block the rats from entering the drainage system. No maintenance or frequent checks required. Due to their excellent design, you also need to worry about rat flaps getting lost in the natural waste flow.
Affordable rat prevention _icon

Affordable rat prevention

We know how rats can destroy your belongings and cost you a lot of money. This is preventable by taking the right steps at the right time. Ratblockers is one such highly affordable rat prevention method that can be adopted at ease. Our rat flap for sewers is far cheaper than the other professional pest control methods.
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    Our rat flap a.k.a rat blocker, rat stopper or rat guard for drains is a revolutionary product with a non-return valve that is installed at the entry or exit point. Made from galvanised steel, our rat flap products are gnaw-resistant and have a double gate with spikes to prevent rats access into the drains.

    Yes. Rat blockers for drains are installed in the drainpipe. Being gnaw resistant with spikes on its gate, rats can surely stay away from your drains and house. Check our testimonial from our happy clients on product performance.

    Shop for the best range of rat flaps for toilets and drains at our online store. We allow FREE delivery, worldwide shipping and 12 months warranty. Click on the link to buy rat flap online.

    Our rat flaps are easy to install. They come with a clear instruction manual. You can easily follow these steps and install on your own. Alternatively, you can contact us at 02081688808 anytime for rat flap installation or any other assistance. We’ll be happy to help you.

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    • Avatar Lionel Ochoa ★★★★★ 10 months ago
      Impressive and humane rodent solution. It only requires you to fix the rat blocker right into the drain pipes. There, it's all set to do its job. The one-way valve works smoothly. It only blocks the rat from outside, but allows waste … More flow out easily. I am glad that I took this decision to buy rat blockers.
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      We are a pest control company who have been taking business from RatBlockers for a while now. Our customers are extremely satisfied with their service and products. We will continue to buy products from them as nothing can be compared with … More the level of professionalism they show.
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      I was looking for a stopper for my drains that is affordable and of high quality. The market is filled with so many rat blockers for drains but most of them are pricey and way out of my affordability. I came across this one and I must say, … More cheap and best quality product. Found its extremely easy to install. Simply followed the instructions. That’s it! Creepy critters are out from my drains.
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      We installed rat blockers in our drains 8 months ago. It's astonishing to note that our rat problem has been under control and the product is in good shape and working its best. We are extremely happy and would recommend the same to … More others.
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      We had a really bad rat problem in our house. The pest control company that we hired recommended RatBlockers that are used to block the rats in the drains. They say it's an important step to fully eliminate the rats from our house. … More We were surprised by their highly affordable prices. Thanks, RatBlockers!
    • Avatar Karen Porter ★★★★★ 11 months ago
      Affordable. Perfect & efficient rat prevention method. I and my husband only followed their instruction manual and it fit easily into our drains. Saved us from rats coming up the drain during this year's rainfall. Thanks.
    • Avatar Steven Burns ★★★★ 2 years ago
      I have recommended RatBlockers to neighbours who also have rat issues. Their rat blockers for drains was easy to install . It served the purpose well, and we’ve not had rat issues since.
    • Avatar Garry Hayes ★★★★★ 11 months ago
      I was looking for an affordable yet efficient rat flap from my drain system. Always glad that I came across RatBlockers. Their rat flaps worked like magic, in helping me prevent rat entry through the drains.
    • A Google User ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      I had been using their rat blockers for over 6 months now. It works nicely. When I bought it, I had faced issues with its installation which was helpfully solved by their customer service team.
    • Avatar Linda Bower ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      I had been using their rat blockers for over 6 months now. It works nicely. When I bought it, I had faced issues with its installation which was helpfully solved by their customer service team.
    • Avatar John Davy ★★★★★ 2 years ago
      Our rat problem was eventually solved by Ratblockers. I am glad that I bought your product that has given my family peace of mind.