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how to stop rat infestation

Here is our definitive guide on how to stop rat infestation in drains and homes. This guide will help you with everything you must know about rats and their prevention from your house. 

Understand the nature of sewer rats

To prevent or stop rat infestation permanently, it’s important to understand the nature and abilities of these rodents. Rats have amazing swimming skills that can get them to swim upwards through the drain pipes into the toilets. They hold their breaths up to 30 seconds. Being neophobic, sewer rats do not get attracted to new objects, thus keeping off the baits or traps. Rats are secretive, which means their hiding capabilities are excellent and you are less likely to find one lurking around. But in case you see a rat in your attic, kitchen or toilet, be sure that there is the whole tribe of it somewhere near you. Because they are terrifically quick in breeding and reproduction.

Can rats swim up the toilet?

Majority of rat infestation starts through drains. Even though the tiniest cracks, rats can easily make their entry into the drain pipes and swim up to the house. It’s very important to keep your drainage system in good condition. Regular CCTV inspection or maintenance works will let you know if there exists any cracks or holes in your drains that could perhaps be the entry point of the rats.

 Damages caused by rats

Rats can bring along unfortunate damages and spread infectious diseases. Some of the common damages caused by rats are:

  • Chewed electric wires
  • Damages to steel, concrete, woods and aluminium materials.
  • Risk of contaminating foods with their faeces, urine, and hair.
  • Risk of getting fleas and tick to your pets
  • Transmit dangerous diseases such as Leptospirosis, Streptobacillus, and Weil’s disease.
how to stop rat infestation
  • how to stop rat infestation
  • how to stop rat infestation

DIY Tips on How To Stop Rat Infestation

If you are wondering how to stop rat infestation, then we have just one word for you- “Prevention”. Yes. Prevention is a better cure. The best way to stop rat infestation is by not letting them inside your house or property. Here are some easy and doable tips to rodent-proof your house.

  • Look for holes and cracks. Plug or seal them up.
  • Block their entry at drains by installing a rat blocker for drains.
  • Keep your trash cans away from your house. Shut them tightly with a lid.
  • Never leave the leftover pet food out in the open. Feed your pets inside.
  • Keep your house moisture-free (attics and basement areas). Rats love the wet environment.
  • A clutter-free surrounding looks a little less attractive to rats.
  • Buy non-lethal traps to catch and release them far away from your surroundings.
  • Use snap traps in the areas where they visit often.
  • Avoid using rat poison as it can worsen the situation. Tap on the link to know in detail.
  • Have a cat or owl; the natural predators of rats.
  • Keep ultrasonic rat repellents in the areas they frequent most. They’ll relocate in a few days to another place.

How does pest control get rid of rats?

Even after trying the above-given tips, you are unable to get rid of rats, then it’s time to seek professional help before it’s too late. Pest control or drainage companies have the right amount of expertise in dealing with rats and are equipped with advanced technological tools for effective rat removal.

Complete drainage inspection

A thorough drain inspection using CCTV drain surveys will be conducted. It will help in determining any hard-to-reach areas and damages of your drainage which could be the rat’s entry, exit or even nest.

Repair damages

Collapsed drains along with other underground faults that may lead to water and sewage leakage are mended.

Using traps to remove the existing infestation

Snap traps are the best way to get rid of rat infestation, but only after sealing your house/property completely. Drainage company professionals will set traps accordingly to catch and remove the rats who have already sneaked in.

Advice on tips to avoid future infestation

Once your property is rat-proofed, these experts will suggest you with the best practices to prevent rat entry through your drainage. This would include installing a rat blocker or rat flap for drains which would block the rat entry entirely.  

do rat flaps work

Ratblockers- Humane Rat Removal Method UK

We hope by now, you have got an impression on how to stop rat infestation and ways to deal with rats in your drains. Now, let us help you with a permanent rat prevention method which has also been discussed a few times above. Ratblockers is our revolutionary rat stopper a.k.a rat flap for drains that can be installed inside the drainage system to block their entry. 

As mentioned above, most of the rat infestation happens through the drainage system, it becomes vital to have rat blockers for drains to prevent them from returning. This step must be taken as a preventive method. Our rat blockers support eco-friendly and humane rat removal methods. No animals are harmed and also it poses no risk to kids or pets around. The rats that entered the house or building can easily move out as our rat blockers are characterized by a one-way valve that opens to only one side. Thus causing no hindrance to the waste liquids as well as the rat who want to go outside the house. Make sure to install the rat blockers correctly. You can always ask us for any assistance or help required. We are only a call away.

Features of Our Rat Blockers for Drain

  • Innovative design
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally-friendly

How to buy rat blockers online?

  • Go to
  • Look for the shop option.
  • Browse from our range of products.
  • Choose the rat blocker product as per the size of your drain.
  • Add the product to the cart.
  • Checkout and complete the payment procedures
Dispel Myths About Rats

FAQs on How to Stop Rat Infestation

Rats may be a nuisance, yet they deserve a better and non-lethal death. Using rat poison causes a
slow and extremely painful death. Above all, the use of rat poison poses a serious threat to your kid
and pets. Read more ways to get rid of rats without poison here.

Rats in your toilet bowl are a nightmare. But if they have entered your drains, then there are high chances of them showing up in your toilet bowl. Here is some step that you can take to get rid of rats in your toilet bowl.

Yes. Though rats are nocturnal, they can venture out in the daylight. This usually happens if they find the route or area safe or established. But it also means that seeing rats out in daylight requires you to take immediate actions for its prevention.

If by any chance, the rats die in some hard-to-reach areas, then you may have to endure the horrible smell of the decomposing bodies. Tap on the link for the entire explanation on ways to eliminate a dead rats odour.

Any time during the purchase if you face any issues, do not hesitate to call us for assistance. Reach our team at 02081688808.

We hope our definitive guide on how to stop rat infestation helps you in finding your way out of the rat problem. Rats are difficult to deal with, but with a proper plan and advanced methodologies, they are preventable.

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