Things to Do Against Rats in Drains and Toilets


Things To Do Against Rats In Drains And Toilets

Nowadays, rats cowering inside the mercy of your drains isn’t an urban legend anymore.

Rats in your toilet

Rats can emerge like hairy mermaids on the bottom of your toilet bowl. It might seem like a dream-like horror movie for you, but it does happen in reality. Before you run away like a shrieking banshee, sit and think of the ways to purge these rats out of your toilet.


Why do you have rats poking on your toilet bowl?

Most rats discovered on toilets are called Norway rats. Norway rats are great swimmers. They paddle hard using their strong legs, and they steer through their tails. They can swim for days and hold their breaths for three minutes. Rats can swim for over a mile too. All these amazing aquatic attributes make them kings and queens of your toilet bowls.

Rats in your sewer or drainage system

Rats hate when they go hungry (aren’t all of us?). So, when they don’t get food on the current spot they’re thriving in, they set out for locations to dine. Sewers and drains provide an easy passageway for rats to go to different parts of the house like, for example, your kitchen. If they don’t find any food within their reach, they eat their poop. The drainage system and your toilets are interconnected. It’s not impossible for rats to go to and fro in drains and toilets.

Rats inside toilets and drains only happen in metropolitan places

No. You may think that these horrors from your toilet only happen to cities, but they can happen in provinces too and even in houses on mountainous alps. Rats can be found anywhere as long as the building or a structure has indoor plumbing large enough for rats to run into. So don’t for a second think that it’s impossible for your house not to contract a rat infestation on drains.

What should you do if you’re confronted with rats on your drains and toilet?

As per CBC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rats endangers your family because their presence can lead to disease transmission. Some of the nasty transmission you and your loved ones can get are leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis. Even if at some point they started cleaning themselves by shaving their legs, you wouldn’t like parasites living in your home. So, what are the things to do when you see circumstantial evidence of rats in your drains and toilets?

  1. Once you see a rat in your toilet, close the door.
  2. Call a rat or pest control agency that can investigate further the situation and do solutions like installing a couple of rat blockers in your drains.


Final thought

Finding rats on toilets is a rare occurrence, but them residing on your drains is a common household event. If you’re faced with adversity of finding a rat in your toilet, consider yourself lucky actually because it means it didn’t poke you in the butt, and you’ll be prompted actually to do something about it 

Try to call a city official or someone who’s working on structural engineering management in your city if you happen to witness a rat infestation in your neighborhood. This information will help them take note of the next city or land developmental activities to do in the future.


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