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rat prevention tips for Christmas

Christmas season is coming! Soon we’ll be busy planning our holidays and decorating our homes.  Some of us love to keep our homes organised and clean from top to bottom. A few others would also start checking quick tips and guides keep their homes ‘Christmas ready’. But there’s one thing that most people ignore is that the warmth of this festive season can also invite rodents, especially rats and mice. Or if you already have rats somewhere near or around your house, then there are high chances of you getting visited by some unwanted guests this holiday season. In this article, we will tell how rats and mice get attracted our homes during colder months and how to avoid them from running our festive warmth.

Right from October when the colder months start, the rats and mice start their search for warmer places. They easily get attracted to our homes for being an easy source of food and shelter. They are experts at finding the tiniest cracks or gaps to enter our houses through the basement, attics, chimneys or the drainage system. Protecting your home from these tiny critters will require you to plan and prepare well ahead.

Damages rodents can cause to your Christmas holidays

  • Droppings around the tree-Rat Prevention Tips

    We all hope to find amazing presents from under the tree, don’t we? But be sure that it’s not a rat who is waiting to wish you ‘Merry Christmas’ this year. Rats and Mice who manage to enter your home can find Christmas trees inviting. Being amazing climbers, mice can find it fun hoping up your tree in the festive spirit. Additionally, if there are edible treats hanging on the tree, then that doubles their fun. There high chances of rats nibbling on the pine tree needles or gifts underneath and leaving their dropping under the tree

  • Chewed Christmas lights- Rat Prevention Tips 

    Rodents have sharp teeth that grow rapidly. So they keep gnawing on whatever things they find on their way.  We all know how easily rats and mice can run along and climb the wires. If they enter your premises, then they can find your Christmas lights attractive enough to climb, gnaw and even shut the entire electric system. This can be a serious put off to the Christmas glow.

  • Gnawed wrapping paper and cardboards- Rat Prevention Tips

    Gifts are an essential part of this festive season. Being excited to open the presents, we may forget to take all the wrapping and cardboards away to the trash can. This can be an inviting proposal for the mice or rats that entered your home to collect materials for the nest or even a relief to their ever-growing teeth.

  • Invade the leftovers- Rat Prevention Tips

    On Christmas, we eat to our hearts’ delight and are sure to leave some of the food on the floor or on the kitchen table and forget about them until the next morning.  This can invite rats and mice to have their own Christmas time. Though it is a time to share and give, these rodents are not so welcoming as they can cause heavy damages to our homes.

rat prevention tips for Christmas

So, to keep your Christmas the best part of the year, make sure to plan and act ahead to keep these critters away from your houses. Here are some tips to prevent rats from entering your home.

Rat Prevention Tips to Keep Rats and Mice Away this Holiday Season

  • Plug or seal all the cracks and holes- Rat Prevention Tips

    Rats have long and flexible bodies that can squeeze into the smallest cracks and holes (as small as 1cm) to enter a house or building. Check for holes, cracks or other openings around and inside your house. This could be their entry/exit point. Seal those entry holes with cement, plaster or through steel repairs.

  • Keep your home and surroundings clean and neat- Rat Prevention Tips

    Untidiness attracts rodents. So make sure your home and surroundings are clutter-free. Do not feed pets outside or leave food out all day. Clean up the mess in your basements and attics

  • Deal with leftovers properly- Rat Prevention Tips

    Leftovers on Christmas are a major deal. Around the UK, Christmas leftovers are dumped out in the bins. Due to less or reduced collection services during holidays, bins are bound to overflow and this can attract mice and rats to become the unwanted guest in your house. So it’s important to either store the leftovers in a tight container; if you are planning to eat them later. Or safely dispose of them in the garbage bins with the lids tightly sealed. You can share the leftovers with the local hospitals/pantries, charity/homeless centres or anyone who might not have their Christmas.

rat prevention tips
  • Look out for signs- Rat Prevention Tips

    Winters is the time when rodents try to make their way indoors into our peaceful living. You can stay prepared by looking for signs. You can do this way ahead of Christmas or Check for signs of rodent infestation while your Christmas cleaning. And take actions to remove them before the festive seasons.

rat prevention tips for Christmas
  • Cover your chimneys and vents- Rat Prevention Tips

    As the colder months are a difficult time for the rodents. They may find warmth in your chimneys and vents. So cover them up screens to avoid the entry of rats and mice into your houses.

  • Check your drainage system- Rat Prevention Tips

    Majority of rat infestation starts through drains. Even though the tiniest cracks, drain rats can easily make their entry into the drain pipes and swim up to the house. So it becomes vital to block them at their entry. Having regular CCTV inspections will help you know if there are any existing or potential cracks that can be a problem later. Another preventive method that works to get rid of rats from the drains is installing the rat blockers. These are also called rat stoppers or rat flaps for drains that can be installed inside the drainage system to block their entry into it. Rat blockers support eco-friendly and humane rat removal methods.

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