How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

How to deter rats

Rats find our drainage system to be really attractive for numerous reasons. Before you even know they could set up their whole family entrance through your drainage system into your very own homes. Food, water and shelter are three main reasons that can allure rats to any place. Drainage systems are one of the best sources of water, even food and a way to set up their shelter inside our homes. So how to deter rats from entering our drainage system?

In this blog below, we will get down to the root of this problem and find out the ways to stop rats from entering our drainage system and homes.

What attracts rats to our drainage system?

Rodents have a long history of association with drains. Ras are attracted to moist, safe and dark environments. The drainage system provides them with exactly what they need. They can easily find the source of food which can be our very kitchen, store or other storing places. Rats can enter through the smallest crack and climb across the thinnest string. With these skills, they can easily make their way into our homes. But once entered, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of them. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep an eye on rat infestation at all times. Rodent infestation is not visible unless you notice the signs. So what exactly are the signs of the rat infestation that you must never ignore:

Signs of rat infestation

  • Rat droppings
  • Grinding and scratching noises
  • Foot and tail marks
  • Grease and dirt marks
  • Rat nests
  • Burrows

Now, let us understand what can we do to deter rats from entering our drains.

Tips to deter rats from entering the drains

How to deter rats

Check your drains properly-Tip #1 How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

Inspect your entire drainage system and never ignore even the smaller issues such as blockages or slow draining etc. These small problems can grow into bigger problems later. Your drainage system may also have tiny cracks and openings. Rats being one of the sneakiest creatures can easily get into through the tiny cracks of the drain system. So it is important to check your entire drainage system and seal them properly.

Repair the drainage issues Tip #2 How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

As said above, it is highly important to find your underlying drainage issues and get them corrected. Drainage problems can attract rodents to your homes. Even the gap in brickwork would be enough for the rats to sneak in. So get those openings sealed asap. A professional pest control company can help you find the exact access point through a CCTV drain survey. More on that below.

How to deter rats

Install a Rat Blocker-Tip #3 How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

At times, it is very difficult to stop the rodents from entering our drain system. To avoid this, you can install rat blockers. The rat blocker for drains is a revolutionary product that can deter rats right at entry. Installing rat blockers is simple. It also never hinders the flow of the wastewater and only blocks the rat entry.
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Conduct CCTV Drain Surveys regularly- Tips #4 How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

A CCTV drain survey will help you know the entire happening inside your drainage system. It will display every nook and corner of the drains, hence helping you know about any underlying drainage problems. Conducting these surveys every year is really important in avoiding future drainage issues as well as rodent infestation through drains.

How to deter rats
How to deter rats

Check your entire property- Tip #5 How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

Check for holes, cracks or other openings around and inside your house. This could be their entry/exit point. Seal those entry holes with cement, plaster or through steel repairs. Keep snap traps in the areas where they frequent the most. Set more traps until you stop getting the signs of their infestation such as dropping, squeaking or scratching noises.

Make your home less attractive – Tip #6 How to deter rats from entering the drainage system?

Keep your trash cans away from your house. Shut them tightly with a lid. Never leave the leftover pet food out in the open. Feed your pets inside. Keep your house moisture-free (attics and basement areas). Rats love the wet environment. A clutter-free surrounding looks a little less attractive to rats.

How to deter rats

We hope these steps will help you in keeping rodents away from your drainage system as well as your home.

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