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Do Rats Come into your houses in Summer

There is a lot of confusion among people about rodent infestation seasons. 

Can rat infestation happen only in winter?

Do rats come into your houses in Summer?

Can rodent infestations clear up on their own in Summer?

We at RatBlockers, have decided to help our readers with this article focused on clearing all your doubts regarding rodent infestation seasons. With our years of expertise in this sector, we have also included essential pointers to prevent rats from entering your homes. So read on!

Can rodent infestation happen only in winter?

 Mostly, yes. But not always. Let us explain in detail. Rodents like other pests love to live in a warm and cosy environment. So when the weather outside turns cold, they look for places that can keep them warm and also have plenty of food sources. Unfortunately, that is the reason why they end up invading our sweet homes. And this is why winter becomes their favourite season to infest homes around the UK. But does this mean that you can’t expect any infestation in summers? Not at all.

Do Rats Come into your houses in Summer
Do Rats Come into your houses in Summer

Do rats come into your houses in Summer?

Yes, they can. It’s a misconception that rodents can invade our homes only during winter. In summers, rodents go about mating and producing offspring. They also look around for places to make their nests. If your home or garden seems welcoming to them, then that could be their spot for the rest of the warmer months. Rodents can also look for cooler places inside your home to escape the scorching heat during summers.

How can you prevent rodent infestation at any season?

How can you prevent rodent infestation at any season?

Irrespective of the season, if a rat has entered your home, then it is sure to cause a lot of damage. Rats and mice are those uninvited guests who sneak into your own space if given a half inch small hole. They are mostly nocturnal. So if you see one lurking around in the daytime, consider a tribe of it somewhere nearby. We are not scaring you, but making you aware that prevention is the best way to keep these rodents away. 

If your house is already infested with rats, which means you can see one roaming around, then you must call a pest control company to eradicate them. Whereas, if you’re anxious about a pest infestation but not sure, then look for these signs in your home to confirm the same. The key here is to take actions as early as possible before it gets worse and completely out of your hands.

Do Rats Come into your houses in Summer

Signs of Rodent infestation you must never ignore:

  • Faecal droppings
  • Gnaw marks
  • Footprints
  • Chewed or gnawed card boxes or wires
  • Squeaking or scurrying noises
  • Crevices or small holes in walls

If you find these signs, then it’s widely evident that your home is invaded by rodents. We always suggest our customers call a pest control company who professionally handles infestations. On the flip side, there are a few things you can also do to get rid of rats.

Check out our “The definitive guide on how to stop rat infestation” for more tips on blocking rats from entering your homes.

Do Rats Come into your houses in Summer

Did you know that most rodent infestations happen through drains?

Yes, that’s right. Drains being the major source of food and water attracts rats to enter through them and invade your homes. So it becomes extremely important to have rat blockers for drains installed to prevent rats from entering your property through the drainage system. This step must be taken as a preventive method. 

Our rat blockers are an eco-friendly and humane rat prevention method. No animals are harmed and also it poses no risk to kids or pets around. The rats that entered the house or building can easily move out as our rat blockers are characterized by a one-way valve that opens to only one side. Thus causing no hindrance to the waste liquids as well as the rat who wants to go outside the house. Make sure to install the rat blockers correctly. You can always ask us for any assistance or help required. We are only a call away.

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